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Assisting you with finding if you’ve been mis-sold PCP car finance.

With living expenses constantly on the rise, legal services follow suit. When making a legal claim, you may find yourself asking what would be the cost? If I lose my case, do I still need to pay? Could I be in a worse financial situation before I made my claim?

Our services are 100% No Win No Fee, meaning you face no financial risk, even if your claim fails. You’ll never receive a legal bill you can’t afford when you decide to use car-finance.io for your claim.

What is a No Win No Fee agreement?

A No Win No Fee agreement simply means you will not be charged if your claim is not successful. It takes the risk out of making a claim.
There are no upfront payments, and if you do not win your case, you have nothing to pay for the work carried out by your solicitor.
You will only have to make a small contribution from any compensation awarded when your claim is successful.

Benefits of No Win No Fee PCP Claims.

Victims of mis-sold PCP finance benefit from filing a no-fear and expense-free claim. 
When a solicitor agrees to handle a No Win No Fee claim, this can give the victim some well-deserved peace of mind that the case will be handled diligently and with winning intent.

After all, if the claim fails, the solicitor will lose a lot of time and resources without being paid. This fills the victim with confidence about the claim and the ability to trust the solicitor fully.

How do solicitors get paid for a successful No Win No Fee claim.

If your solicitor wins the claim, you have the right to receive 100% of the compensation. Out of that amount, you can pay your solicitor fees and cost as settled upon beforehand, with 36% being usually the maximum amount. The solicitor is even more interested in exploring the highest possible amount of compensation. At “car finance.io”, our team of experts will only work on a case if it has over 50% possibility of winning.
You can rest assured, that at Check My Car Finance, we always assign a specialist you can trust for the entire process and they can direct you the best way possible during your claim.


Our team of PCP Claim experts will review your case and will help you on its merits.
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We’re rated Excellent
4.7 out of 5 based on 100 reviews